Rabu, 3 Februari 2010

Questions and answers

1. State the differences between linear and non-linear interactivity.

In linear interactivity, the user interacts with the multimedia
application without controlling the progress of the content.
In other words, the user is a passive receiver of the multimedia
content most of the time.The linear content is usually arranged
in sequence and the user has no control over the sequence of

In non-linear interactivity, the user interacts with the content
according to what the user wants from the content. In other
words, it is a two-way communication.The user can control
the progress and sequence of the multimedia content by using
buttons or links.

2. Virtual reality is the best example of multimedia technology
which are non-linear interactivity.
Explain the concept virtual reality.

Advanced virtual reality systems today allow users to respond and
interact in many ways to its virtual surroundings.
In learning Geography, virtual reality can recreate places and
environment for you to interact with. Viewing exploration programs,
like Discovery and Animal Planet will be even more interesting.
This is because you will be able to enter different environments
virtually and interact with your surroundings. You can learn at your
own pace and level of understanding.


During this few weeks...i had learned about multimedia...
In the field of Information and Communication Technology, multimedia means more than the use of the various media.
A computer user interacts with the computer to perform tasks such as finding information or play games to develop a skill.
The usage of text, audio, graphic, video and animation are all involved in
describing media.
So, multimedia is the presentation of information by using a combination of text, audio, graphic, video and animation.
Multimedia has played an important role in other fields, such as business, arts, medicine and engineering.

Rabu, 27 Januari 2010

first time

This is my first time blogging...
so if i gt any mistake...
pls forgive me~
This year is my first year teach by Pn. Zalina...
and oso the last year la...
When the first class...
i through Pn.Zalina was fierce...
bt then i realised that i was wrong...
Pn. Zalina is a gentle teacher...
i think if we din make any mistake...
she will not scold us one...